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VIVAHR is the only Recruitment Management System on the market that provides your HR team with the tools to make them recruitment marketing experts. Find out more
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Vyond’s online video animation software allows your business to easily create professional animated videos for all industries in job roles like marketing, sales, training, and eLearning. Find out more
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Why you should get it now
  • ISO27001 certified for security
  • Trusted by over 14k businesses
What are the benefits?
  • Automate Candidate Management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Easily create animated videos
  • Lots of variety of characters and props
  • Sync voices or use prerecorded voices
Things to look out for
  • Needs more diverse characters
  • No closed captions
  • Working with the timeline might be difficult for some users
Who is it for?
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Small Business Owners
  • Managers and Leaders
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Sales and Marketing Teams

Recruitment Agencies


VIVAHR is the only Recruitment Management System on the market that provides your HR team with the tools to make them recruitment marketing experts.

Post job openings

With VIVAHR, it’s possible to build culture profiles for each position you are seeking to fill. Building a “hiring brand” is essential today, making it possible to attract those A-players.

Manage candidates

VIVAHR is packed with tools to automate the hiring process, report to your entire team, and increase hiring efficiency. Never lose great people again because you lost them in your pipeline!

Team collaboration

Keeping in touch with current and past candidates means an improved hiring reputation and better conversion rates. Plus, leveraging your culture profile creates an emotional connection.

Reporting analytics.

Communicate and collaborate with your entire hiring team seamlessly and instantly. Get an overview in a snap, review and evaluate easily while your team does the same. Get out of the Excel trap and manage unlimited candidates with ease. Our pipeline makes it possible to keep track and never lose a candidate in the hiring shuffle.

All candidates are tagged with the correct source from where they found your job ad. Get smart insights with the VIVAHR ATS to where your recruiting priorities should be.

Build a unique culture profile for each position.

For some companies, each team within the company has a unique culture. For instance, your sales team might have a whole different value system and atmosphere than your accounting team. Let VIVAHR help you customize your team cultures to give your candidates the best possible perspective.


Make Your Own Animated Videos

Vyond is an online video creation platform that allows users to create animated videos for a variety of purposes, such as marketing, training, and communication.

It provides a range of templates and customization options, including character and scene templates, sound effects, and text options, to help users create professional-quality videos quickly and easily.

Vyond is often used by businesses, educators, and individuals to create videos that are engaging and informative. Some of the benefits of using Vyond include:

Vyond’s online video animation software allows your business to easily create professional animated videos for all industries in job roles like marketing, sales, training, and eLearning.

Vyond is changing the way the world communicates, one video at a time.

Help & Support

Is Vyond GoAnimate?

Vyond was founded in 2007 as GoAnimate. We took on a fresh name in 2018. Vyond is pronounced “vee-YOND,” like beyond, but with a v (for video).

Is Vyond free?

Vyond is free for anyone with a 14-day free trial. After the end of that trial period, you would need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue accessing Vyond Studio.

How can I make my own animated video?

You can make your own animated video with Vyond Studio. Whether you start from scratch or begin with one of our ready-made templates, Vyond allows you to create custom characters, choose from thousands of props, and use advanced movements.

How long does it take to create a Vyond video?

You can create a professional and effective 1 to 2 minute Vyond video in less than 4 hours. However, time may vary depending on your level of expertise with Vyond and the level of personalization you want for your video. For quick projects, Vyond provides templates that ease the process of video creation.

Does Vyond have lip sync?

Vyond is the first online video animation studio to introduce lip-syncing. Vyond characters can lip-sync to recorded voice-over, or you can use Vyond’s text-to-speech feature to automatically transform written words into spoken dialogue.

Is Vyond worth it?

When you consider the power of video, Vyond is so worth the low cost of a subscription. Vyond is the premier online animation tool, so every version of your video will be professional quality, without the cost of traditional video production. Vyond Studio is packed with thousands of props, characters, royalty-free music, complex actions, and multiple animation styles.

Why does Vyond cost more than other animation tools?

Vyond is a high-end animation tool, so it costs a bit more than cheaper alternatives. When it comes to video, you get what you pay for. With Vyond, you get world-class customer supportcertified data securityhelpful resources, and rich customization features that keep getting better.

Which is better, Vyond or other animation tools?

Vyond is better than Powtoon, Doodly, Toonly, Animaker, Moovly, and other alternative animation tools because it has more powerful customization features than any other platform. When it comes to creating videos for business, Vyond is in a class of its own with certified information security and enterprise-grade solutions.

Is Vyond hard to use?

No! Vyond is not hard to use, and anyone can create a video with Vyond Studio. As one verified user puts it, “Vyond is easy to use and fun to master.”

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