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      Discover the email marketing platform marketers use to reach, convert and retain their customers.

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          Millions of businesses in 175 countries around the world have made over $200 billion USD in sales using Shopify.


          Create Customer Journeys That Engage & Convert New Leads

          Start your campaign by a specific lead behavior. This will allow you to build a highly customizable response for almost any situation in your marketing. Respond with messaging based on your customers’ behavior.

          Never Worry About Deliverability Again

          Are you struggling with getting your email delivered? Tired of not knowing what going on with your campaign? Worried about getting your account blocked? Tired of out of the box support answers that dont help you? Well you have come to the right place.

          Our Approach to delivery is to get your emails delivered, and second to get them higher engagement. I know it sounds simple but that is the core of everythng we do.

          Reach Your Entire Audience Without The Hassle

          Setting up a broadcast message to reach your subscribers couldn’t be easier. Easy to use HTML editor or Drag and Drop Template Editor. Send personalized messages so each message is personalized to your customer. Segment your auidience based on engagement metrics so you are communicating with your most active subscribers.

          Success Is In The Team That Supports You

          Someone is always looking over your account. Whether it is our premiere customer success team or your very own dedicated account manager. We want you to succeed so it is our main priority to make sure things run smoothly.

          At Emercury we believe first and foremost in transparancy and in return we expect the same. Its the only way for this partnership to work. That’s right its a partnership. We look at you like a partner and not a number.

          Integrate Emercury With
          Your Favorite Apps

          Sync your data to and from over 2,000+ sales and marketing tools, teamwork apps, forms, customer support platforms, social media and more for complete workflow control.




          Integrations - Communication30
          Zoho CRM
          Integrations - Development10
          Integrations - eCommerce10
          Integrations - Forms10
          Gravity Forms
          Integrations - Popular60
          Integrations - Reporting10
          Facebook ads
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