vs Asana vs Trello vs Jira

As far as Project Management, Reminder Lists and Time Tracking goes, there’s a lot of software out there.

Early in my career (2010, 2011, 2012) I became an expert all the enterprise products Microsoft Project (noooo), Sharepoint (nooooo #2).

Then I tried Mac Apps (2013) Bloop Projects which I loved for its pure simplicity and beautiful design. But they took it away from me #sadface.

Bloop Projects for Mac OS X – Circa 2013

I often found myself getting my best work done when I was in transit – walking to the train station, going for a run, on my lunch break.

And then whenever I produced a really great project plan, I wanted it to look fabulous when I converted it to PDF to share with senior executives at the insurance brand I used to work for.

Then in 2015, I was so frustrated with the lack of easy to use mobile-ready project tracking apps for the iPhone, that I spent six months making my own: Project Express (p.s. links in my posts might make me money).

While I’m absolutely not here to promote my own app (I rarely use it anymore), I do want to talk about my journey to find the best team and task tracking tool.

Things have come a long way, and while I still love my little app and make updates regularly, there’s a whole lot of great software out there to help individuals and teams get stuff done. And now it’s fun.

Getting the right features by far is my favourite.

I spent a bit of time trying different software, because I do a lot of things professionally and personally, working both alone and managing teams. When exploring software-as-a-service, I’ve tried a lot, and been disappointed a lot.

Recently a friend told me how they were using and loving Click Up, so I tried it out, and although it has some really nice features, it made me take the time to think about why I’m so in love with Monday.

Right from the outset, I compared Monday with Asana and Trello. The reason I wanted to try out Asana and Trello, is because these are the apps that all my friends were boasting about. But I was disappointed.

I’ve spent a bit of time looking through all the features, and become familiar with the tools. Monday by far is still my favourite. Back when Monday was called “DaPulse” I definitely wasn’t. But something changed.

They invested a lot in their platform, and they made work fun.

One of the things I love most about Monday is the fact you can tell instantly when you use it, that they’ve designed it to be scalable. All the features you’d expect out of the box are there, built-in. And it has automations too.

For a long time, I continued to wonder if I was missing something – Asana has such a vast amount of integrations I was blown away, thinking they must be the best. Trello has such a big fan base I can’t even convince anyone using Trello to switch – but it’s too bulky and restrictive.

Why Monday wins has a lot of flexibility, some of my favourite features include the following.

Kanban by Monday

Turn any board into a Kanban cards using the status column, then drag-and-drop the cards through stages.

Kanban views – Source: Monday
Add a new View – Source: Monday
Create covers for cards – Source: Monday

Forms by Monday

Easily create Forms so that your customers can submit requests which automatically populate the board.

Source: YouTube

It’s easy to create a Form from any board.

You can then customise the form to suit the audience.

Source: Monday

Automations by Monday has an Automations feature, which helps you save time and helps teams do things consistently.

Source: YouTube

In fact Monday’s implementation of the Automations feature probably has to be the easiest I’ve ever seen.

There are default notifications – easy to setup. Source: Monday

And for advanced users, you can customise Automations to suit your workflows.

Source: Monday

Design in my opinion has the best design.

Design in looks, simplicity, scalability, security.

You know Human Centred Design, where they test the products with actual users and get it right before launch? That’s how they designed it.

It’s not perfect, it took me a short while to comprehend how private boards work vs shareable boards.

But with the right amount of colour splashed throughout, consistent User Interface design, everyday language and customisable fields, I fell instantly in love with Monday. So did my team. Zero training, zero convincing.

But why were my friends still so in love with other tools like ClickUp or even worse Jira which is very technical.

Then it dawned on me, different niche have different needs.

What I love about is the unified Search Everything feature.
I can find anything, instantly. Just like using Mac OS X Spotlight.

Mac OS X Spotlight – BLAZING FAST SEARCH Search Everything – MAGIC


My assessment

Here’s a list of all the things I could find to compare Monday vs Asana. It’s not a complete list and there might be some small corrections.

It’s clear that although Asana has so many external plugins and connectors, that maybe it’s not the best out-of-the-box solution.

With Monday, you pay the monthly rate and you get the features you expect.

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