Debuts First Big Game Ad!

Today is an exciting day for the team — we are so happy to debut “Work Without Limits,” our very first Big Game commercial and a major milestone for our brand!

The ad will air during the first half of the Big Game and reach 30 million viewers across the country’s 19 largest markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Austin, Atlanta, Boston, and San Francisco — making this our biggest marketing campaign to date. The full 360-degree campaign, which was all managed and executed within our platform, will also include multi-channel and social ads, as well as extensive out-of-home elements, like billboards and subway ads, in nine markets.

So you may be wondering… why the Super Bowl? Why now? Well, if you look at’s evolution as a brand and through our creatives, the decision was actually a natural next step—or leap!— on our journey. 

Although is a software used by organizations to run their work, as a brand we’ve always spoken directly to our customer, the person sitting on the other side of the screen. We approach our customers through B2C marketing channels with clear, relatable language and a professional yet human tone.

We connect with our audience by talking about the challenges we all face in our daily work lives and highlighting the incredible impact software can make. This approach to connecting with our audience — essentially any information worker —  also extends to our sales process, customer service experiences, and pricing. By offering free two-user plans, adopting is simple and accessible to anyone.

Our brand evolution: from DIY to the Big Game 

When we first launched in 2014, we quickly became known for our eye-catching brand, subway banners, and DIY social media ads — we pulled this one off with only a $50 budget!). Each year since we have grown our customer base significantly and maintained our vibrant brand strategy that connects directly to you.

Today, we are a public company and have more than 127,000 customers that span over 200 different industries, including Universal Music Group, Canva, NHL, Hulu, Oscar, and more. As our customer base has grown, we’ve been continuously inspired by how has changed the way people work — empowering their businesses and lives in the process.

But we know there’s more work to be done. With all this in mind, we felt that now was the right time to scale up our marketing efforts and enter the biggest stage in advertising: The Super Bowl. The Big Game is a moment for millions of people to come together, celebrate, and feel inspired. We wanted to harness this moment of inspiration both for viewers and for our customers to challenge them to rethink how they work.

We believe there are no limits to what people can accomplish, and what better time than the Super Bowl to help people realize that?

For the campaign’s creative concept, our in-house marketing team aspired to capture the vision that drives so much of what does— democratizing the power of software to give any professional in any role the opportunity to reimagine work.

Most companies need a close development team to streamline their workflow and build regulated processes, but allows everyone to build their own unique work processes, simply and intuitively from scratch. With this autonomy to shape how your organization works, makes it possible to truly work without limits. Inspired by what is possible when you remove limitations at work,  we set out to create a limitless world.

Building a world without limits 

We took this simple brief to the boutique creative firm, Mustache Agency, and we immediately bonded over a shared creative ethos. Mustache believes in taking risks, pushing against what’s expected, and, ultimately, bringing value to your audience through joy, creativity, and fun. Because is a company that prides itself on thinking outside the box, we knew right away that Mustache was the right partner for us to develop a breakthrough campaign. From there, our teams collaborated closely together to finalize the concept and plan out the core elements of the campaign.

Equipped with our workflows, we worked with a production team including 95 crew members, two directors, and ten stunt performers, and filmed the spot in just four days. We used flexible set pieces, multidimensional desks, acrobatics, and other innovative filmmaking techniques to visualize the power of’s features such as automations, views, and dashboards and aimed to create a world of complete customizability, collaboration, and transparency. In the final commercial, shows a world where time, material, and physics no longer limit us in our work, so we can all reach new heights without limits.

Post-game plan: celebrate, measure, improve

If you know our brand, you can probably guess what comes after the cheering and Big Game excitement. Everything at starts and ends with data, so we’ve defined exactly how we plan to measure the impact of our campaign. That’s why we built BigBrain, our beloved business intelligence tool that tracks every single KPI that’s important to us. For the new campaign, we’ll be able to track incremental visits and sign-ups based on time and location — so we’ll know if any new activity was driven by the markets where the Super Bowl ad is aired and/or where there are out-of-home (OOH) elements present.

We also tapped into the full power of our marketing team to create accompanying campaigns for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok, expanding our reach and creating additional, measurable performance channels. To supplement our in-house data and get a full picture view of the campaign’s impact, we’ll also run brand awareness surveys before and after the spot airs, as well as track ongoing social activity and engagement.

What’s next? The sky’s the limit 

We’re excited to see the results of this campaign and to have the opportunity to connect with customers in a big way. This is a big moment for as a brand, and for our incredible team that made this vision come to life. So, no matter the outcome of the game itself, we can’t wait to watch our team’s resilience, creativity, and hard work pay off on game day.

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