Have you heard about Shore, an Appointment Booking Solution for Small Businesses

If you’re a Small Retail Business, you probably have a lot of different tools and software to manage your teams, resources and suppliers.

One of the challenges being a small business, is that you also need to manage relationships with your clients and customers, as well as things like inventory, marketing and administration.

Are you finding it difficult to keep up?

Using your Payment Gateway to manage customer relationships is simply not enough. If you’re a Small Business you will need a fully-fledged CRM to manage all of your customer interactions.

More importantly, it’s important to make the Appointment Booking experience as quick and easy as possible, so you can focus on getting repeat business from happy customers.

The winner for Appointment Booking — Shore

If you are looking for a platform to help you manage your business, check out Shore.

Perfect for Hairdressers, Spa & Wellness, Coaching, Fashion, Sport & Leisure, Cafes & Bars.

The complete digital solution for your business, Shore makes it easy to communicate and manage your customers.

You can track your customers’ individual preferences and what they like, and keep them coming back.

Your customers can pick an available appointment 24/7 and book it on your web site.

With Shore’s calendar, you’ll never lose track of your customer appointments and information – even while you’re on the go.

Make handling your appointments simple, get more customers, and never lose sight of what’s going on at your business.

Automatically find the next available appointment

Shore’s online calendar does so much more than just show you the days of the week. Just one click lets you find the next available spot in your calendar. This gets your customers coming in ASAP. Shore delivers more time for you, with less hassle and a full appointment calendar.

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Send reminders and minimize no-shows

Shore’s appointment reminder feature lets you reduce down times to a minimum. Shore automatically sends reminders to your customers. Select between email or text messages, when you send them, and what you say. You’ll love how this reduces missed appointments and delivers top service to your customers.

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Shore’s online booking gets your appointment calendar full. You’ll automatically see the customers and services they book along with when they’re coming in. You decide whether to offer appointment slots, or if the customers can send a request for a specific day and time. Manual entries are also a breeze. Set appointments when and where you want them.

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Optimal, personalized service

Centralized data and notes let you deliver the best customer care. Link your online calendar with each customer file to give them their very own personalized service with each visit. That keeps customers happy and coming back, and will have them leaving positive online reviews.

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Assemble customer information and history for optimized customer service

Shore’s customer management software lets you generate customer histories. Check out how many times a customer has been to your business, and how much they’ve spent. You can also see e.g. if someone has ever been a no-show, helping you identify your best customers.

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Send your newsletter and automatically generated birthday wishes

Shore’s e-mail feature lets you send customers a discount coupon or reward them with a personalized offer. Send your newsletter to customer groups you specifically define, and wish your customers happy birthday every year. Shore lets you grow your base of repeat customers, and gets customers you haven’t seen in a while coming back.

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If you are looking for a platform to help you manage your business, check out Shore today.

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