Career planning

How to build a resume or CV website and manage a Career Journal.

One of the hardest things when searching for a new job is being able to quickly build a resume.

More and more, people are asking: Should I get a Resume Website?

It’s very easy to create, manage and publish your Resume or CV using free tools like Visual CV.

Introducing the Career Journal

In April 2021, Visual CV have made it even easier to create a Career Journal.

The Career Journal is a tool that helps you keep track of career updates and achievements using your laptop or smartphone. You can even add new entries right from your email inbox.

– Visual CV team

Create a Visual CV Profile

The Career Journal is included in all VisualCV Pro subscriptions, and with it you can create a living timeline of your career to refer back to whenever you need to refresh your memory. 

With the Career Journal, you can:

  • Create a timeline of career updates and big wins.
  • Highlight your most important items so they’re easy to find.
  • Upload images and documents to your journal entries.
  • Get email reminders to add new items to your journal
  • Update your journal right from your email inbox.
  • Keep track of all your biggest achievements!

It’s a much better way than managing your own Achievement Statements. Create a Visual CV Profile

Visual CV also has lots of different templates, if you’re stuck for ideas.

The hard way – Achievement Statements

Alternatively, you could keep a diary of your Achievement Statements in a Word Document or journal.

Here’s a template and example to get you started.

Achievement Statements Template Download

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