Change management

Creating engaging email broadcasts can help communicate key information to your teams and build trust in change routines.

In a busy work environment, many staff are juggling competing priorities and will often overlook or miss out on key updates or changes.

Look for the best time to provide a weekly summary update of key changes and communications – it could be the first thing on Monday morning, Wednesday midday, or Friday afternoons depending on when most of your staff are least distracted with work activities.

The best way to achieve this is via an engaging email broadcast, using visualisations rather than relying on text-heavy communications.

In the digital era where your staff have setup auto-filter rules on their email program or have cluttered inboxes, you could complement your email summaries with digital displays in walkways, kitchens and elevator waiting-areas.

Digital displays are particularly effective for organisations managing communications across many different offices in various global locations.

What problem does it solve?

In an information age where people are overwhelmed with corporate and personal newsfeeds, reinforcing communications in-and-around the workplace will mean staff get maximum exposure to key messages and better equipped for the job.

What is the effort?

Providing a weekly summary update shouldn’t take too much time if you’ve built standardised templates – simply reuse content summaries from previous communications. Investing in digital displays and potentially engaging a Visual Designer may help gain the attention of staff as they walk around the office.

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