Data Management

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another, ensuring knowledge is preserved.

Data Migration: A Guide to Knowledge Management

Data migration is an important part of knowledge management. It involves transferring data from one system to another, or from one format to another. This guide will provide an overview of data migration, including how to get started, best practices, and examples.

Getting Started

Before you begin the data migration process, it’s important to understand the scope of the project. What data needs to be migrated? What systems or formats are involved? What are the goals of the migration? Answering these questions will help you plan the migration and ensure that it is successful.

How To

Once you have a plan in place, you can begin the data migration process. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Identify the source and target systems or formats.
  • Extract the data from the source system.
  • Transform the data to fit the target system.
  • Load the data into the target system.
  • Test the data to ensure accuracy.
  • Document the migration process.

Best Practices

When it comes to data migration, there are a few best practices you should follow:

  • Create a backup of the source data before beginning the migration.
  • Test the data after each step of the migration process.
  • Ensure that the data is secure throughout the migration.
  • Document the migration process for future reference.
  • Optimise the data for SEO keywords.


Here are a few examples of data migration:

  • Migrating data from an Excel spreadsheet to a database.
  • Migrating data from an on-premise system to a cloud-based system.
  • Migrating data from one format to another (e.g. CSV to JSON).
  • Migrating data from one system to another (e.g. Salesforce to Dynamics).

Popular platforms to help you manage your business data

  • Quickbase — Quickbase, Inc., is a software company providing a low-code application development platforms.
  • Kustomer — With Kustomer, deliver faster, richer experiences to your customers with omnichannel messaging, a unified customer view, and AI-powered automations.
  • WeTransfer — WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Share large files and photos. Transfer up to 2GB free.
  • — Box is changing how you manage content across your business from simple file sharing to building custom apps.
  • — Dropbox helps you simplify your workflow. So you can spend more time in your flow.
  • Pluralsight — Pluralsight is an online learning platform that offers thousands of courses in software development, IT, creative skills, and more. Learn from industry experts and gain the skills you need to succeed.
  • Microsoft OneDrive — Store photos and docs online. Access them from any PC, Mac or phone. Create and work together on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents.
  • Hightail — Simple and secure file sharing with Hightail. Send large files, preview visual assets, collect precise feedback and keep creative projects moving in one easy and secure cloud-based software. Try Hightail for free.
  • MASV — MASV is the fastest and most reliable way for videographers and creators to transfer time critical files to clients. No limitations or plugins.
  • Autodesk — Autodesk is a global leader in design and make technology, with expertise across architecture, engineering, construction, design, manufacturing, and entertainment.
  • DocuXplorer — Document management software—flexible to fit your needs. DocuXplorer ensures your team has fast and secure access to the files and information they need at any time from any place. Embrace a more productive, paperless office.
  • Data Ladder — Data Ladder offers an end-to-end data quality and matching engine to enhance the reliability and accuracy of enterprise data ecosystem without friction.
  • SnapLogic — SnapLogic’s iPaaS platform empowers enterprises by automating application, data and cloud integration. Reach digital business transformation with SnapLogic.
  • Heap Analytics — Heap Analytics is a powerful analytics platform that helps you understand user behavior and optimize your product. It automatically captures every user interaction, so you can analyze user behavior without writing any code. Get insights into user engagement, retention, and conversion.
  • Act-On — Act-On is a comprehensive campaign management platform that helps businesses create, manage, and measure campaigns across multiple channels. It provides tools to automate and optimize campaigns, track performance, and measure ROI.
  • SecureSafe — SecureSafe is a secure online storage solution that helps you protect your data with military-grade encryption. It offers secure file sharing, password management, and two-factor authentication to keep your data safe.
  • Appian — Appian is a comprehensive business process management (BPM) platform that helps organizations automate and optimize their processes.
  • Acronis Cyber Protection — Acronis Cyber Protection is the world’s most comprehensive cyber protection solution, providing data backup, disaster recovery, and secure file access for businesses of all sizes. It helps protect against ransomware, data loss, and other cyber threats.
  • Clover Point of Sale — Clover is a POS system that helps businesses run more efficiently. It offers features like inventory tracking, employee management, and customer loyalty programs, all in one easy-to-use platform. Get the tools you need to succeed and grow your business.
  • SellerActive — SellerActive is the best multichannel e-commerce management tool on the market. Automate, optimize and expand your business!
  • Airtable — Airtable is a low-code platform for building collaborative apps. Customize your workflow, collaborate, and achieve ambitious outcomes. Get started for free.
  • SugarCRM — Sugar helps business create customers for life with the world’s most intelligent CRM platform. With SugarCRM, you let the platform do the work. Get a demo today!
  • Formstack — Capture data, generate documents, and collect signatures with easy-to-use workflow automation software. Learn how our workflow solutions can accelerate your digital work.
  • DocuWare Cloud — DocuWare Cloud is a cloud-based document management system that helps businesses securely store, manage, and share documents. It offers features such as automated workflows, document capture, and mobile access, allowing users to access documents from anywhere.
  • LeadsRx — LeadsRx is a marketing attribution platform that helps businesses understand the ROI of their marketing efforts. It provides insights into customer journeys, tracks conversions, and optimizes campaigns for maximum ROI.
  • SAP Data Services
  • FraudLabs Pro — FraudLabs Pro provides sophisticated fraud detection solution helping merchants to prevent payment fraud and minimize chargeback & losses.
  • M-Files — M-Files offers an innovative metadata-driven document management platform. M-Files gives midsize and enterprise businesses a leading edge.
  • Tresorit — Share files securely with anyone using encrypted cloud storage. Get the highest standard of data security in the cloud.
  • Talend — Talend Data Fabric offers a single suite of cloud apps for data integration and data integrity to help enterprises collect, govern, transform, and share data.
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