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As a manager, you should be accustomed to managing team tasks and priorities, however within a Knowledge Management function there’s some additional considerations and things you might want to track to help you prioritise, particularly if you’re working with multiple content authors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Some types of Knowledge Software tools will help you manage content workflows and tasks. However, as a guide, you can implement simple tracking such as:

  • Content Owner
  • Content Status – New, Pending, Published
  • Content Impact – Low, Medium, High
  • Content Approval Workflows
  • Scheduled Publish Date
  • Scheduled Review / Disposal Date
  • etc

What problem does it solve?

Being able to manage priorities will help you and your team ensure that content is published in a timely manner, approved by the relevant content owners and that work is evenly distributed across staff.

What is the benefit?

Creating a central register to track and measure tasks and priorities helps to prevent work duplication between authors, ensures that content is delivered on-schedule and keeps your stakeholders confident that the right information is made available to the right people within your organisation at the right time.

How much does it cost?

Often task management and prioritisation tools are packaged within common Knowledge Software tools, such as Microsoft Sharepoint – check if your platform already has this capability.

If not, using an existing Wiki-site or even a standard whiteboard can help you to track and measure tasks and priorities.

Is it right for you?

Everyone, everywhere should have tools to help manage tasks and priorities.

Whether you spend money on collaboration software or not, depends on the size of your organisation and whether your team works together or across the globe.

  • Sole Trader: 1 person
  • Small Businesses: 2 – 50 employees
  • Medium Businesses: 50 – 500 employees
  • Large Corporations: 500+ employees


To help her team manage content across their Sydney and San Francisco offices, Wendy creates a shared Wiki-page and tabular tracking with basic formatting.

It’s cheap and simple but helps the team stay on top of priorities.

Up-to-date content is more trustworthy, helping you achieve your KM goals.
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