The best way to present complex decision trees is to use a Guided Process - you’ll see this commonly in software packages as ‘Wizards’.

Within each of your processes, there may be several decision trees which could impact the overall outcome.

If a process is complex, then you may need to consider your overall process design – is it too complex? Do staff in your organisation learn differently and interpret information in different ways?

If you’re working for a large organisation that operates under several state or federal regulations, you may find complexity and variation inevitable.

The best way to present complex decision trees is to use a Guided Process – you’ll see this commonly in software packages as ‘Wizards’.

What problem does it solve?

It can take a long time for staff to read, consume, interpret and comprehend complex processes and variation.

By taking the time to invest in Guided Processes or ‘Wizards’ you’ll be able to help your staff and customers get the best possible outcome in only a few seconds or minutes.

What is the benefit?

Quicker outcomes mean happier staff and customers. Using Guided Processes or Wizards also makes it less likely for errors or mistakes in the process, particularly for new recruits.

What is the effort?

You will need to invest in a Technical Writer or Business Analyst who truly understands how to dissect processes, rules and regulations to design, develop and test Guided Processes or Regulations. 

You’ll also need to determine the best possible way to present the question-set without confusing the user and simplifying the questions.

Is it right for you?

Does your business have a lot of complexity? Is there a lot of room for error? Are your processes governed by government regulations?

If your processes are too difficult and if staff are unable to consistently achieve the same outcomes, consider using a Guided Process or Wizards.

  • Medium Businesses: 50 – 500 employees
  • Large Corporations: 500+ employees


The following warranty procedure validates whether the customer is eligible for repair, the business has decided to use a Guided Process because different countries have varying rules for product warranties.

By using a guided process, you can get predictable outcomes, every time. Imagine if the following was presented in a tabular or bullet-point format, it could become very confusing for staff and customers – particularly if there were more Countries, more Products and other complexity to consider.

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