Depending on the maturity and size of your organisation, you may need to consider hiring people to manage content, articles and communications.

Depending on the maturity and size of your organisation, you will need to consider hiring people to manage knowledge and communication, rather than delegating these activities to existing roles.

By hiring content authors, technical writers and communication specialists, you can guarantee that someone will always be the custodian of knowledge in your organisation and that knowledge routines are managed consistently.

Some of the roles and functions that support your when your business grows include:

  • Knowledge Manager – define, develop and manage the knowledge strategy, roadmap, framework and budgets.
  • Collaboration Manager – procure and promote the adoption of collaboration tools such as forums, wikis, video conferencing, etc.
  • Change Manager – deliver projects, develop communications, plan training and engage staff during periods of organisational change.
  • Technical Writers – research, synthesis, author and package content for Work Instructions and Procedures, as well as manage content reviews.
  • Visual Designers – use graphic design and video techniques to translate difficult and technical information into simple and clear visual messages.
  • Communications Leads – plan, draft, develop and disseminate electronic and face-to-face communications for everyday business changes.
  • Insights Specialist – analyse and gather feedback from customers and staff to uncover key trends and issues, thus helping prioritise content updates, process improvements and refresher training opportunities.
  • Instructional Designers – analyse and interpret learning needs, develop training modules and build knowledge and skill assessments.
  • Training Facilitators – facilitate classroom-style training, engage staff in learning activities, coaching staff on desired knowledge behaviours.
  • ..and more!

What is the benefit?

With dedicated staff, you can ensure that content is written consistently and adheres to content style guides, content is more likely to be reviewed and kept up to date which means your staff and customers will be more likely to use the knowledge systems and platforms that you have spent time and money implementing.

Is it right for you?

Deciding whether to hire dedicated people depends on the size of your organisation, the complexity of your processes, whether you have procured software to publish knowledge and/or whether you find the need for a competitive advantage to publish customer-facing knowledge on external websites.

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