Branding Basics

Learn how to make amazing presentations without needing to learn how to be a graphic designer and stand out in your workplace.

Learn how to make amazing PowerPoint presentations without needing to learn how to be a graphic designer – it’s easy to stand out in your workplace.

Many young professionals struggle with being noticed at work because they don’t invest much time developing the templates and the skills to use Microsoft PowerPoint effectively.

How to

  1. First setup your templates using the Master Slide editor in PowerPoint
  2. Setup your first slide with a large bold title and give your background some colour
  3. Next, create a new slide and break this into two sections:
    – A single panel on the left that is approximately 25% of the page width
    – Content on the right, making sure the font styles and colours are consistent. On the Slide Master tab, in the Master Layout group, click Insert Placeholder, and then click Text to add placeholder text on this page
  4. Exit from the Master Slide editor to add content to your presentation

Next, you’ll need to layout your content:

  1. Enter your content, ensuring that you provide context in the left panel which sets the scene for the reader, so they understand “should I read this page or not” and really helps them quickly scan through larger packs
  2. Use consistent and themed iconography that match your templates – check out
  3. Ensure that there’s lots of clear space around your slides – don’t cram your slides with content. Break your content into separate slides, making sure there’s a separate slide
  4. When you’ve finished creating your pack, save it as PDF when sharing – this helps people to trust that your pack is the final, approved version and also prevents others from making unauthorised changes
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