With the age of social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, many people still wonder whether a business card is still important and whether it’s worth the money.

“I’ve started an online shop and I’m unsure whether I should get a business card, is this just another expense that I can avoid when starting out?”

Reality is that marketing yourself (as a professional) or promoting your small business is critical and business cards are still incredibly important to sell yourself or your business – particularly if you want to get noticed and stand out from the crowd.

The last thing you want is being at a conference or networking event and being the only person without a business card.

Reasons you should get a business card

  • Perfect way to create a connection face-to-face
  • Excellent opportunity to advertise your products or services
  • Build trust and loyalty with your existing customers or connections

Reasons why people avoid business cards

  • Can be expensive to get quality cards, but remember you pay for what you get
  • Perception that your customers or connections throw away the cards

Compare providers – Moo.com vs Vistaprint

For beautiful design and high quality printing, we recommend Moo.com

Build your business card on moo.com

Highest qualityLowest price
Ideal for retail products to create a sense of luxuryIdeal for building a large volume of connections
4 – 14 days for delivery1 – 11 days for delivery

Making your business cards stand out

Although MiniCards are cute, it’s inconsistent. Try to stick with what works.
  1. Choose business cards of the highest quality – you get what you pay for
  2. Choose a paper thickness that make your cards feel luxurious
  3. Use bright colours to attract attention and make your card design distinctive
  4. Avoid using borders in your card design as these may end up misaligned
  5. Promote your products or services on the back of your card
  6. Give your brand a sense of elegance by using embossed cards
  7. Provide discount codes or offers on your card to ensure it isn’t discarded
  8. Include your cards in any promotional packaging or deliveries
Different colours seem cool, but don’t help with a consistent brand identity.
A great idea from a cafe in Prahran, Australia – inspirational quotes.

Ready to make your business card?

Moo.com is absolutely a great place to start, we highly recommend.

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