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What is Net Promoter Score (NPS) and how does it help you improve your business?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It’s a must-have for any business of any size. Whether you’re a startup, or a big enterprise.

To measure NPS, you can ask customers a simple question:

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our product or service to a friend or colleague?”

Based on their response, customers are divided into three groups:

  1. Promoters (score 9-10): customers who are extremely likely to recommend your product or service to others. These customers are loyal and provide positive word-of-mouth advertising.
  2. Passives (score 7-8): customers who are satisfied with your product or service but not necessarily enthusiastic about it. These customers may be easily swayed by competitors.
  3. Detractors (score 0-6): customers who are unhappy with your product or service and are likely to spread negative word-of-mouth.

To calculate NPS, you take the percentage of customers who are Promoters and subtract the percentage of customers who are Detractors.

For example, if you have 100 customers and 30 are Promoters, 50 are Passives, and 20 are Detractors, your NPS would be 30% – 20% = 10.

NPS is a valuable metric because it can help you understand how your customers feel about your product or service and identify areas for improvement.

By regularly measuring NPS, you can track the effectiveness of your efforts to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How do you measure NPS?

You can manually capture NPS feedback and scores using any survey management software.

However there are some dedicated software which can help you analyse NPS trends, and understand customer sentiment automatically, as well as providing reporting and coaching for businesses with large teams. Depending on your business size and maturity, you’ll need to look at different solutions.

Here’s our top picks to get started:

  • Medallia — A Net Promoter Score (NPS) represents the Voice of the Customer by measuring customer loyalty to a product or service and if they would recommend it.
  • UserVoice — B2B user feedback software to help you listen to and guide your customers, prioritize product features that matter, and innovate efficiently.
  • Qualtrics — Qualtrics is a powerful survey and research platform that enables users to create, distribute, and analyze surveys.
  • Confirmit — Confirmit is a market research and customer experience management software platform.
  • Kampyle — Kampyle is a customer feedback and analytics platform that helps businesses collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback.
  • SurveyMonkey — Use SurveyMonkey to drive your business forward by using a free online survey tool to capture the voices and opinions of the people who matter most to you.
  • NICE Satmetrix — With NICE Satmetrix holistic VOC solution drive dynamic omnichannel experiences with the most complete and unified platform on the market.
  • Delighted — The fastest and easiest way to gather actionable customer, product, and employee feedback
  • Retently — Retently is a customer feedback platform that helps businesses collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback. It helps businesses understand customer sentiment, identify trends, and improve customer experience.
  • AskNicely — AskNicely provides a platform for service businesses to empower their frontline teams, make every customer experience awesome, and accelerate growth.
  • Wootric — Wootric helps companies measure and improve customer experience. It provides customer feedback surveys, NPS scores, and analytics to help businesses understand customer sentiment and take action to improve customer loyalty.
  • GetFeedback — The GetFeedback customer experience (CX) platform helps you understand why, so you can take action when it matters most.
  • Feedier — Feedier is a customer feedback platform that helps businesses collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback. It provides customizable surveys, automated insights, and actionable reports to help businesses understand their customers better.
  • InMoment — InMoment’s Experience Improvement (XI) approach goes beyond traditional customer experience (CX) management and combines data, technology & industry expertise.
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