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To Achieve Any Goal In 2023, Get Super Specific

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Welcome, Capbase!

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Support cross-team communication with a collaborative CRM

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Email Marketing For Law Firms: A Step-By-Step Guide [2023]

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Announcing: New Editor Features to Boost Your Campaigns

Reading Books vs Applying Books (Two Very Different Skills)

Walking Meetings Are Good For You – Here’s How to Do Them

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Schedule and plan more effectively with arrow diagrams

SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, customers) template

3 best templates to manage your company resources

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8 Thanksgiving Email Templates To Save Time And Effort [2022]

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Skill Stacking: The Unexpected Truth About The Top 10%

5 Unique and Alluring Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Vendor management and its role in project management

22 Creative Ways to Become Your Own Boss

9 Habits That Lead To Outstanding One-On-One Meetings

10 Halloween Email Newsletter Examples + Tips [2022]

Project management glossary

Everything you need to know about mission-critical projects

Agile Budgeting for Successful Project Management

Monk Mode: 8 Ways to Develop Impeccable Focus Skills

How to Help Your Night Owl Employees

New This Week In Hive: August 22, 2022

7 Free Halloween Email Newsletter Templates For 2022

5 Surprising Experiences With Hybrid Working

7 Team Goals That Will Take Your Impact to The Next Level

10 Professional Goals That Will Make You a Better Teammate

Gold plating: what it is and how to avoid it

Conflict management: how to use it to improve teamwork

A Complete Guide To Using Voice Chat In The Modern Workplace

Evening Pages: A Productive Way to End Your Day

Situational leadership: How flexible leaders benefit teams

The Delphi technique explained

How to use an iterative process for projects

Video Email Marketing: How to Do It + Examples

New This Week In Hive: August 15, 2022

Quitting Was the Best Decision For My Career — Here’s Why

7 Great Productivity Podcasts For Teams To Work Smarter

10 Virtual Happy Hour Ideas You’ve Never Seen Before

A Guide To Agile Meetings (And How They Can Benefit You)

41 Short Rules for a Good Life From Influential Philosophers

5 Reasons to Use Hive Solo to Manage Your Life

Prolific Productivity: The Secret Habits of Pablo Picasso

How to Live a More Productive Life With Zero Willpower

20 Best Email Automation Software To Try In 2023 [+Pricing]

Ludwig Wittgenstein on Thinking Clearly

Do You Have Brain Fog? Here’s How To Cope With It At Work

4 key CRM features to help you close more deals

6 tips for developing a creative strategy

Solving complex problems with divergent thinking

How Scrum of Scrums Enhances Cross-Team Collaborations

How to Recreate Water Cooler Moments in a Hybrid Workplace

The Da Vinci Principle — Habits of a Brilliant Polymath

3 Signs a Workplace is Actually Toxic — And 3 Times It’s Not

How to Refresh Your Recurring Meetings To Maximize Productivity

The 10 Best Jira Alternatives For Agile Teams In 2022

New This Week In Hive: August 8, 2022

Using Hive in the Search for a New Apartment

How To Run a Fully-Remote Sales Team With Hive

4 Creative Thinking Skills To Employ in Brainstorming Sessions

When You Succeed, Experiment Again

How to use content briefs to improve your content process

Routines vs. Rituals (And Why You Need Both)

A Philosophical Approach to Building Better Habits

Enough Productivity Advice. Do The Work

120+ Powerful Words To Skyrocket Conversions (+Infographic)

There Is No One Way to Live a Meaningful Life

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Track of Your Team’s Progress in Hive

Ever tried the best work software on the market? Meet

6 Unbeatable Airtable Alternatives To Manage Your Spreadsheets

Habits That Build Mental Fortitude in The Workplace

How To Make An Impact At Work

Improve your time management using our Canvas integration

I’m a Conversation Expert — Here’s the No. 1 Way I Resolve Conflict at Work

6 Subtle Company Green Flags You Might Not Notice at First Glance

Job satisfaction for women in project management

What’s the difference between project management vs. construction management?

4 Signs You’re In a Dead-End Job (And What to Do About It)

Don’t Aim To Be a Perfect Leader — Aim For Conscious Leadership, Instead

15 Newsletter Signup Examples And Why They Work [+Tips]

The No. 1 Way to Beat Imposter Syndrome in the First 90 Days of a New Job

Try more settings, options, and filters!

37% of People Regret Taking Vacation Because of Their Workload — If That’s You, Here’s What to Do

Three Real-Life Quotes That Changed My Perception Of The World

The Top 3 Agile Tools For Project Management In 2022

How to Answer “Why Are You Interested in This position?”

I Work Remotely and I Never Want to Go Back to the Office — Here’s Why

6 tips to effectively manage a team and empower great work 

6 common reasons for miscommunication at work — plus how to fix it

5 steps to improve cross-functional collaboration and work faster

How to start using Canvas LMS with

Tel Aviv University and organize a successful hackathon

How to Organize Your Hive Workspace

The Best Leadership Books To Read Over And Over Again

This 1-Minute Change Can Make Your Resume Go from Average to Great

7 Reasons People Should Want to Go Into the Office (At Least Some of the Time)

9 Effective Newsletter Signup Form Tips For 2022 [+Examples]

Is There Such a Thing As Being Over-Productive? We Think Yes

Is Re-Onboarding Necessary in the Return to Work?

Life Is So Much Better When You Define Success on Your Own Terms

The 4 Ultimate Small Business Software Tools For Owners

Wunderlist vs. Evernote: which is right for your team?

Your ultimate guide to project management resources

What is the project management triangle?

What’s the deal with Workflowy’s pricing?

Asana vs. Airtable: side-by-side comparison

What is HIPAA compliant CRM software?

7 Tips For Successful Workload Management

Use These 7 Productivity Tips to Achieve Greatness During In-Person Work

The creative team leader’s playbook

How This Manufacturing Product Development Team Saves Hours Every Week With Hive Automate

The 10-step project checklist: How to plan a successful project from beginning to end

Smartsheet vs. Trello: which one is best suited for your team? 

Task boards: what they are and how to master them

How workload planning helps your team work smarter

How To Automate Tasks And Save Yourself Time At Work

10 Alternatives To Level Up Your Project Management In 2022

New This Week In Hive: July 11, 2022

Your Guide to Assembling the Perfect Lean Team

Here’s Why You’re Getting Rejected From Jobs You’re Qualified For — And How to Fix It

How to Spot a Bad Boss While Job Searching

How to Ask Your Boss if You Can Work Remotely

4 Subtle Habits That Influence Team Morale

A Day In The Life Of A Fully-Remote Software Engineering Director

4 Words You Need to Use to Get a Higher Starting Salary

The Action Paradox: Knowing And Doing Are Two Different Skills

7 Funny Email Examples To Get Inspired [+Tactics To Create Your Own]

Enough Thinking. Do The Work

Risk Analysis in Project Management to Support Proactive and Holistic Project Plans

Workflow Management for Photographers: Why You Need One and How Can Help

How to Follow Up On A Work Email

20+ Unsubscribe Button Ideas To Reduce Email Unsubscribes (Best Practices Included)

Top 8 Excel Alternatives To Switch Up Your Spreadsheets

New This Week In Hive: July 4, 2022

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a Manager

How To Choose The Best Portfolio Management Software For Your Business

These 5 Small Cities Are Paying For Remote Workers to Relocate

Using a Work Package in Project Management

Top 7 Software for Enterprise Management

The 8 Best Resource Management Tools To Use in 2022

How Do You Become a Project Manager?

Business Marketing 101: How To Market Your Business For Success [2022]

How to Stay Focused at Work When You’re the Only Remote Worker

The 4 Best To Do List Apps That Keep Me On Track

Hybrid Work Isn’t Working for Women

Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Productivity With These Simple Shifts

The Wisdom of Doing Nothing: Pause And Think on Purpose

3 Things Empathetic Leaders Never Do at Work

8 in 10 People Have Experienced Imposter Syndrome at Work — 4 Ways to Overcome It

8 SendGrid Alternatives For Better Transactional Email Sending [2022]

How To Leverage The Power of Habit Stacking For Increased Productivity

6 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Lost At Work

Using a CRM with document management to supercharge sales and marketing teams

Best project management software tools with client portal

Gantt chart with milestones: Visual management for any project

The complete guide to project management for entrepreneurs

Incorporate the principles of project management for sales success

Software for running a small business to maximize success

The Dark Secrets of a Shorter Work Week, and How to Fight Them

3 Work Situations Where Going With The Flow is The Best Move

How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others at Work and Thrive

A commission sheet template brings accuracy and ease

Free feature request template for product development

The importance of benchmarking in project management

Is Constant Stress at Work the ‘New Normal’?

19 Best Marketing Techniques To Grow Your Business In 2022

9 Best Campaign Monitor Alternatives To Power Up Your Personalization Efforts [2022]

How Vega Manages End-to-End Product Development In Hive

A Guide To Turning Free Time At Work Into Productive Time

Avoid These 4 Words If You’re Hoping to Get a Promotion This Year

New This Week In Hive: June 13, 2022

This Type of Thinking is One of The Most Crucial Problem-Solving Skills

7 Useful Affirmations for Confidence at Work

Sprint management is here! Plus, get more power from your workdocs and boards!

3 tips for SMB task management

The Must-Have 7 Tips for Handling Your Impatient Manager

From ‘Buddy’ to ‘Boss’ — 4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Manager

9 Ways to Turn Down Extra Work Politely

How To Apply The Golden Rule in The Modern Workplace

4 Signs Your Coworker is Subtly Undermining You (And What to Do About It)

Change Management vs. Project Management: Key Differences

A Guide to Gantt Charts With Dependencies

How To Implement Leadership Development Programs That Work

How to add order to your creative workflow without killing creativity

This is What ‘Interrupt Work’ Is — And How to Manage It

The ‘Great Restructuring’ May Be Here — 5 Signs Layoffs Are Imminent and 3 Ways To Be Prepared

How To Determine Your Critical Success Factors To Reach Business Goals

The 8 Best Klaviyo Alternatives For Your eCommerce Business [2022]

CRM with social media integration for effortless engagement

How To Meditate at Work to Boost Your Performance

7 Helpful Tips For Dealing With A Missed Deadline

Maintaining Boundaries: How To Say No At Work

Best WordPress Plugins To Take Your Website To The Moon in 2022

How To Benefit From The Iron Triangle For Project Management

Hustle Culture is Out — Here are 5 Principles to Embrace Instead

How Healthy Boundaries at Work Can Save You From Burnout

Why Summer Fridays Are the Best Trendy Work Schedule

200+ Hot Summer Email Subject Lines To Boost Your Summer Sales

How to Achieve Inbox Zero — And How It Helps Your Productivity

How To Use And Customize Hive Automate Recipes From The Community Library

7 Check-In Questions for Meetings You Need to Know

Follow An Implementation plan: Your 6 steps to Success

Getting Things Done Starts With These 7 Principles

Getting Started With Hive Automate

Project management vs. operational management: how to choose the right one

Identify project challenges with a free issue log template

7 Ways To Find Your Friday Motivation At The End Of The Week

Why Einstein Said, If You Want to Live a Happy Life, Tie It To A Goal

4 Things You Need to Know Before You Accept a Job Offer

Does Coffee Actually Improve Productivity At Work?

7 Servant Leadership Principles and Habits to Embrace at Work

Prioritization tools for better productivity

Free 30-60-90 day plan template for a new job

Optimal workflow for legal teams

Free transition plan template for improved productivity

A new app to launch Google Ad campaigns from and other exciting updates!

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Key differences in project management vs. product management

Marketing Roadmap Template Helps You Plan for Success

How To Successfully Run an Employee Engagement Survey

The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation To Satisfy Your Audience [2022]

4 Ways to Successfully Build a Global Team

Your Guide to Asking for Time Off

My Top 8 Freelance Tools I Can’t Live Without

Risk Mitigation Strategies in Project Management

3 Times It’s Too Soon to Job Hop — And 3 Times It’s Worth The Risk

New This Week In Hive: May 23, 2022

What is a Tech Stack? Everything You Need To Know Here

Here’s How to Network When You Don’t Want Your Boss to Know You’re Quitting

Cost-benefit analysis template helps make better decisions

5 High-Level Organizational Skills To Boost Your Team’s Productivity

The best organization apps for task management

Here’s How to Answer This High-Stakes Interview Question About Remote Work

5 SMS Marketing Examples Your Audience Actually Wants to Receive

Operational Plan Template to support your company vision

Free RFP template to get great bids

Project closure templates to confirm your deliverables

Free review of systems template for software development 

How To Write A Blog Post: The Ultimate Guide For 2022 [+ Free Templates]

5 Things To Consider When Permanently Working From Home

Older Workers Have Started The “Great Retirement” — But For Many, Not By Choice

If You’re Not Using This Free Online Planner, Start Now

The Inside-Scoop on Why Your Coworker is Taking a Sabbatical

If You’re Not Saying These 4 Phrases in an Interview, the Hiring Manager May Not Trust You

8 Affordable HubSpot Alternatives For Your Business [2022]

You’ve Been Put on A Performance Improvement Plan: Now What?

7 Tips For Effective Meeting Management

The Top 3 Gantt Chart Software On The Market In 2022

Has Your Boss Overstepped Your Work-Life Boundaries? Use These 4 Phrases To Reset Them

New This Week In Hive: May 16, 2022

What is Parkinson’s Law? It Could Be Affecting Your Team’s Productivity

6 Tips To Create a Productive Work From Home Schedule

Free development plan template helps you define goals

Project management steps to follow for successful outcomes

5 marketing tools for small business

Taking Back Control When You Have Too Much Work

Asynchronous Communication is All The Rage – Here’s How To Do it Right

These 3 Words Improved My Resilience At Work

Something to Do Outside of Work is a Powerful Key to Happiness

People Are Ditching Hustle Culture and “Ready to Coast” — Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing For Women

A Day In The Life Of A Customer Success VP Of A Fully-Remote Team

Coworker Birthday Ideas: How to Celebrate in the Office or Remotely

Top 3 Kanban Board Software To Get The Big Picture For Team Projects

Avoid These 8 Overused Email Phrases If You Want to Land The Interview

8 Best MailerLite Alternatives For More Advanced Functionality [2022]

Volunteer management

Your step-by-step nonprofit fundraising plan

Grant management processes and tips

Grant management tracking

Thought-Provoking Questions To Build Team Culture

The 4 Best Practices To Follow If You Want To Become A Manager

Fundraising campaign strategies

The Ins and Outs of Working From Bed (And How It Impacts Your Productivity)

7 Helpful Tips On How To Cope With Anxiety at Work

Social Loafing — What It Means and Why You Should Care

The Top 8 Sendinblue Alternatives For SMBs [2022]

What Does “Hybrid Work” Really Mean?

What Makes NYT’s “The Morning” Newsletter One of the Most Popular in the World

CRM for Nonprofits

Mission statement template to guide your company

How To Use Slack for Your Project Management Needs

The Multi-Perspective Mindset: How to Navigate The Realities of Life

How to improve your team’s collaboration in 2022

Finding It Hard to Focus? It’s Not Your Fault (How to Get Things Done in a Distracted World)

Why You Can’t Stick to Your Morning Routine (And What to Do About It)

To Effortlessly Build a Healthy Habit, Don’t Get It Perfect, Get It Going

7 Signs You’re Being Taken Advantage of at Work

Free potluck sign up template for quicker meal planning

Free positioning statement template to identify your niche

The 80th-floor Genius: Steve Jobs’ Definition of High Intelligence

Most Productivity Advice Boils Down to Habits For Protecting Yourself From Your Own Distractions

3 Clear-Cut Benefits To Incorporating A Flexible Work Schedule In The Office

7 Tips To Deliver Outstanding Performance Reviews

7 Effective Onboarding Tips To Welcome a New Employee to The Team

22 GDPR Stats You Need To Know About (2022 Edition)

6 Effective Ways To Maximize Stakeholder Communication

Stoic Leaders Embrace These 6 Productivity-Boosting Habits

The 7 Best Goal-Tracking Apps To Achieve Your Goals In 2022

A monday workdoc table of contents, nested conditional WorkForm questions & more!

40 Short Habits That Have a High Return On Investment In Life

The One-Tab Rule: Get Things Done Faster And With Better Results

The Benefits of Using A Workflow Diagram (And What They Are)

You’re More Likely to Be Seen As Successful if You Practice These 8 Habits Every Day

How To Identify Project Dependencies For Successful Planning

A Complete Guide To Writing An Effective Project Status Report

How To Start A Business With No Money In 2022 [+Tips]

6 Tips To Increase Peer Recognition in Your Team

How To Deal With Difficult Coworkers Without Affecting Your Productivity

3 Strategic templates to make the most of your company’s budget

3 Essential templates for employee wellbeing

What Is An Email Marketing Specialist? Responsibilities, Skills & More

If You Can’t Answer “Yes” to These 8 Questions, Your Manager Needs To Do More To Support Your Career

30 Short Evening Routine Habits to Enrich Your Life

5 Things A Solid Night’s Sleep Can Do To Boost Your Productivity And Inspire Innovation In The Workplace

The complete guide to managing a web creation business

How To Apologize Professionally, Even If You’re Working Remotely

4 Zapier Integrations To Connect With Hive To Streamline Your Office Work Efforts

6 Sneaky Signs A Job Is Not A Good Fit For You Long-Term

5 Essential Steps To Include In Your Project Management Checklist

Does Context Switching Get a Bad Rap?

What is A Virtual Water Cooler and How Can it Benefit Your Team?

7 Ways To Streamline Processes And Cut Down On Busy Work

5 Team Player Qualities That Will Make Everyone Want To Work With You

25 Questions To Ask A Mentor When Working Toward The Next Step in Your Career

Rebecca Zoe

How To Develop A Marketing Strategy From The Ground Up [2022]

Say This 1 Motto Every Day If You Want to Feel More Confident at Work

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Managing Up’ – And How To Do It Right

Update on the April 2022 outages

How To Measure Productivity in Ways That Actually Make Sense

Is Your Team Ready for 2022? 7 Ways to Ensure Their Productivity is At an All-Time High

The Best Productive Morning Routine For Afternoon People

6 Virtual Coffee Break Ideas For Your Next Meeting

Do You Need A Catch-Up Meeting? Tips To Boost Effectiveness

Hard Work Alone Doesn’t Get Women Promoted — But Here’s What Will

How to Boost Morale When Returning to the Office

Ditch Your All-or-Nothing Thinking: It’s Making You Miserable

The Ugly Truth About The 4-Day Work Week

The Best Times To Post On Instagram In 2022 [Including Industry Data]

Decision-Making With A Team: How To Apply Robert’s Rules Of Order To Meetings At Work

People Who Have a Good Work Ethic do These 7 Things Regularly

Is A Silo Mentality Holding Your Remote Workplace Back?

The 9 Most Important Collaboration Skills For Your Team

If You Hate Networking, These 9 Networking Phrases Will Actually Get You a Response

The Most Successful People Are Usually High-Volume Readers

The Importance of Project Milestones (And Examples of Them)

How to Apologize Professionally in the Ever-Changing Remote Work Landscape

If You Want To Be Seen as Successful in Your New Role, Here Are 3 Things You Absolutely Need To Do

Top 6 Project Management Software For Freelancers On A Budget

7 Productive Ways to Use Your Long Commute

Brené Brown Says to Avoid This 1 Word At Work Unless You Really Mean It

370+ Original Ecommerce Email Subject Lines To Increase Your Open Rates

Putting tech to good use: how is supporting NGOs in Ukraine

Best rental property spreadsheet template for download

The ultimate dashboard template for businesses

If You’re Not Hiring Older Workers, You’re Missing Out on These 6 Strengths

How To Use Resourcing To Allocate Your Team’s Time by Project

Effective balanced scorecard template for strategy execution

Reach your target audience with a customer profile template

Win Back Email: Learn How To Re-engage Relapsed Customers

How To Write The Ultimate ECommerce Business Plan In 2022 [Beginner-Friendly]

The 2022 Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

7 Steps for Smarter (And More Profitable) SaaS Marketing Campaigns

How Leadership Teams Use Hive to Track Objectives

Email Marketing For Nonprofits Strategy: 7 Steps To Build Yours In 2022

Customizable invoice template for Google Docs

Easy-to-use startup budget template for 2022

How to get the most out of your business strategy template

How The Eisenhower Matrix Can Revolutionize Your Project Management Efforts

Focusing on the wrong things at work can happen to the best of us. Here's how the Eisenhower Matrix can help you prioritize your projects with a simple diagram.

Free construction bid templates to help you win proposals

Learn how to use a construction bid template when creating and sending proposals so you can win more construction projects and clients.

How to create an Excel timeline with a template

Discover how you can create an Excel timeline using a template made by the team at

Free Kanban board templates to boost work efficiency

Learn how to improve your workflow efficiency by using Kanban board templates, and get started now with a free template from the team at

Create a home renovation budget with a template

Read how you can create a realistic budget for your next renovation project, using a template created by the team

4 Smartsheet Alternatives For Project Management In 2022

Spreadsheets can help plan projects, but they only go so far. If you're looking for Smartsheet Alternatives with more functionality, you're in the right place.

Free Excel spreadsheet for business expenses in 2022

Track every expense and keep on top of your business finances with this expense template from the team at

New This Week In Hive: March 7, 2022

Read about this week's new features in Hive, the first project management platform built for users, by users. We appreciate your input!

The best performance improvement plan (PIP) template

A performance improvement plan template is a way to give feedback to underperforming employees. Help your team succeed with's PIP template.

1-Minute Productivity Hacks That Will Save You Hours in 2022

Here are some of the best hacks that can help boost your productivity and save you time ? without you having to spend more than a minute or so setting them up.

5 Ways To Survive at Work When Everything’s in Limbo

Here's how to survive at work when everything's in limbo, to ensure you?re giving yourself grace no matter what unexpected thing comes your way.

A free corrective action plan template

A corrective action plan is a document for recording actions taken to correct a situation or behavior. has created a free template just for you.

Autofill form suggestions, Kanban enhancements, and more exciting updates!

February's updates are here! Check out all the new surprises's developers have in store for you this month and let us know what you think.

Easy-to-use receipt templates for businesses

A receipt template makes it easy to issue receipts to your customers. Supercharge your invoicing system with's customizable receipt template.

Employment verification letter (with example templates)

Save time writing your own employee verification letter with our fully-customizable template from the team at

How To Improve Teamwork Skills Through Communication

Looking for ways to build your teamwork skills? Here's how you can improve teamwork by communicating better, more openly, and with trust.

If You’re a Leader, These Are The Types Of Goals You Should Set For Your Team

Different teams set different goals depending on their industry, company and function within an organization. Here are 3 key types of team goals that every leader should set.

Top Excel accounting template for bookkeeping

Read this guide from to find out about the top Excel accounting templates and how a Work OS can supercharge your accounting function.

Ultimate budget template for Google Sheets

Explore various budget templates for Google Sheets and other platforms, and learn how to use them to manage your budget more efficiently.

Ultimate pro forma template for Excel

Take control of your company's finances with this pro forma Excel template from the team at

Use a self-assessment template to engage your workforce

Learn more about how you can boost worker performance by using the self-assessment template

Customizable meeting agenda templates

Take back control and start having productive meetings with this meeting agenda template from's team

Easy-to-edit spreadsheet templates ready for download

Download's ready-made spreadsheets to streamline your workflow. Spreadsheet templates are predesigned worksheets ready for you to use.

Intuitive Google Docs calendar template + how to use it

Get your projects, meetings, and deadlines under control with this Google Docs Calendar template from's team.

The Top 5 Free Project Management Software Choices

Whether you're a freelancer, small business, or just someone looking to save some cash, here are the top free project management software & tools on the market.

Easy-to-use call log template for sales & support

Track important client information and analyze key data with a call log template, courtesy of the team.

Professional references template for your job application

Download customizable references template, document that helps you organize your reference sheet in a structured, logical way.

The ultimate project management template [2022]

Learn the basics of project management and get a streamlined project management template so you can knock your next project out of the park.

7 Virtual Communication Skills To Navigate Today’s Workplace

Good communication is crucial for success, but this looks different in a remote workplace. Learn the key virtual communication skills to stay connected with your team.

The No. 1 Reason Why You Don’t Need to Worry about Employment Gaps on Your Resume Anymore

Employment gaps are more common than ever before, but how do employers feel about them? Here's how to include an employment gap on your resume - the right way.

Easy-to-use time sheet templates to track your staff

Transform the way your team works with a time sheet template that sheds light on where your time really goes — and how to fix those time leaks.

What is a week schedule template, and why is it important?

Find out how a week schedule template can help you plan, manage, and execute your weekly tasks to deliver successful projects on time.

New This Week In Hive: February 7, 2022

Read about this week's new features in Hive, the first project management platform built for users, by users. We appreciate your input!

How This Founder Transformed Her Industry in Just 12 Months

This beauty pioneer transformed her industry in just 12 short months. Here's how she did it.

Toxic Productivity is Poisoning Your Work Mentality

If you mistake activity for achievement, you might be falling prey to toxic productivity. Here's how to prevent this mindset from seeping into your workday. Debuts First Big Game Ad!

Today is an exciting day for the team — launching “Work Without Limits” — their first Big Game commercial and a major milestone for the brand!

Hive Makes G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards List

Read more about Hive's product, customers, and general workplace and productivity news from experts.

8 Habits Every First-Time Manager Should Embrace

Becoming a manager for the first time is an exciting yet nerve-wracking career milestone. Embrace these habits to help you succeed as a first-time manager.

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Kickstart A Productive Day, No Matter Where You Work

Whether you’re working from home or heading into the office, one fact remains true: your morning habits set the tone for your productivity all day. Start off on the right foot with these tips.

Need a high-converting sign-up sheet template? Look no further

Discover how sign-up sheets can help generate more leads and close more sales. Download our free sign-up sheet template and start generating more leads today.

The ultimate check stub template to simplify your payroll

Find out how’s customizable check stub template makes creating the perfect check stub effortless and cost-efficient.

How To Manage Your Micromanaging Boss Before They Manage You

You can't choose your boss. But if you get a micromanaging boss, don’t panic. Here's how to take control and manage the situation... before they manage you.

How To Prioritize Tasks With 3 Simple Methods

Have you ever sat at your computer, staring at the screen, wondering what you should do next? Here are 3 easy ways to prioritize tasks and work more effeciently.

This timesheet template for Google Sheets will save you time and money

Discover how timesheets can save you time and money. Download a free timesheet template for Google Sheets

Project managers—it’s time to defeat the detail chase

Project managers are challenged with chasing down status updates, often wasting precious time. Read to see how Jessica combats this with

How to reach your audience: 6 content distribution tactics

Reaching your target audience today is an essential and often challenging part of content distribution. With so much content put ...
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