Before embarking any major effort to improve something big within your organisation, make sure your executive team are onboard and know the benefits of your proposed strategies and frameworks. 

It’s critical that before you spend any time, money or effort that the people at the top of your organisation can see the benefits of what you’re trying to achieve with your framework – from the very beginning.

Having a strategy, framework and tools is simply not enough to get started.

The most successful projects always require buy-in from the organisation, but most importantly you should engage the executives and sponsors who are investing in the processes, technology and training you’re proposing.

Try to get everyone on-board for your journey:

  • Executives – Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO), etc
  • Managers – Learning & Development managers, Customer Service managers, etc
  • Staff – Frontline and backoffice staff, Subject Matter Experts, supervisors, etc

What problem does it solve?

Avoid investing your time and effort in implementing your framework, if your executive team do not understand and value your proposals.

Protect your investment (and reputation) by making sure executive managers support your vision.

What is the effort?

You should invest about two to three weeks to get your proposals right.

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