Find out what is Project Management and learn about common techniques and methodologies.

Project Management is all about using a set of tools, disciplines and methods to achieve a specific business goal or objective, with budgets or constraints.

  • Gantt charts
    How to build a Gantt Chart to manage project tasks and dependencies.
  • Get executive buy-in
    Before embarking any major effort within your organisation, make sure your executive team are onboard and know the benefits of your proposals.
  • Risk assessment
    Using a Risk Assessment Matrix helps you to uncover potential issues, the severity of the risks and minimise the impact.

What makes a project?

Usually a project involves these minimum five attributes:

  • Specific goals or outcomes
  • Start and end dates
  • People or resources
  • Set budgets or contraints
  • Tasks and milestones

This means:

  • The project is unique (i.e. it is not a business-as-usual activity)
  • It may require multiple people or resources across different teams
  • Progress needs to be formally tracked and communicated
  • The impact should be measured when the project finishes

Key project stages

  1. Set an objective for the project – goals, outcomes
  2. Define the work requirements – tasks, activities
  3. Allocate people or resources to each task
  4. Specify a start and due date for each task, including constraints
  5. Measure the progress of each task to ensure progress is on-track
  6. Celebrate key milestones and successes
  7. Manage any missed tasks or deliverables
  8. Conduct a Post Implementation Review (PIR)
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