Using the Defect Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) tool, you can quickly calculate the current Sigma Levels of your product or business operations.

Learn more about Six Sigma quality control tools and methods.

DPMO Calculator

The actual number of defects that have occurred
– Opportunities
For each product or unit, how many defects are possible?

The total number of units produced

What is a defect?

In Six Sigma, a defect could be any possible issue with the product that is important to your customer – i.e. something the customer will ask for a refund, return, replacement.

Defects per million opportunities (DPMO)

The average number of defects per unit, divided by the number of opportunities to make a defect per unit, normalised to one million.

By understanding how many defects you have, you can understand the percentage of recalls, rework or fixes your customers experience.

This helps you better prioritise what needs to be resolved, so your business operations can run more smoothly.

  • Examples for products: Broken parts, incorrect colour or shape, etc
  • Examples for processes: Incorrect spelling, unexpected delays, etc

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