Quality assurance is a way of preventing mistakes and defects by inspecting your product or service and making processes repeatable.

  • Process maturity
    As a business grows, adhoc and manual processes will mature and become repeatable, until eventually these can be measured and optimised for automation.
  • Just in time inventory
    Just-in-time ordering is about waiting until the customer has placed the order before buying stock, keeping stock levels to a minimum and simplifying the business.
  • What is Six Sigma
    Six Sigma is about understanding the effectiveness and yield of a business process, by measuring issues and defects and optimising processes.
  • Calculate DPMO
    Using the Defect Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) tool, you can quickly calculate the effective of your product or process according to Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Low hanging fruit
    By taking care of low-hanging fruit, you can achieve some quick wins for your business and clear up resources for bigger projects.

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