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Who is for?

  • Recruitment Agencies

What are the benefits of

  • Expert recruiting platform
  • Talent sourcing
  • Video screening

Things to consider

  • Expensive for small businesses
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How it works

Find your next great hire in 2 minutes or less

Easily see the candidate’s true personality with video recordings of interview questions that you set. Move the candidates you like through the hiring process – it’s as simple as that!

Post your job

Set up your job for success with a quick title and description of the role you’re hiring for. Later, customize your company branding with logo, background image, and company description.

Pick your questions

Simply select the questions that you want to hear from your candidates – choose from a variety of questions or write your own. Your candidates will record themselves answering your questions for your review.

Watch and hire 

Review candidate video responses to your screening questions in real-time. Move candidates through the hiring process with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Earmark candidates for follow-up, further interview, and hire.  

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